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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Adjusters are experienced, licensed professionals who are employed exclusively by a policyholder who has sustained an insured loss.  We protect the interest of the homeowner. When someone hires us to represent them we advise them of their rights and obligations in the claim process.   We handle every detail of the claim, working closely with you to obtain the maximum potential amount of the settlement.

Why should I choose Ball and Boyd to represent me?

Damage is a matter of opinion which is subject to negotiation which requires knowledge and experience.  Knowledge and experience is precisely what we bring to the process. We are here to help.  We have thousands of local references.  We are constantly recommended to people, and quite highly.  The bar has been set very high.   Every time we represent a client, we want nothing more than their satisfaction and future recommendations.  Let’s get started making your unfortunate situation better today.  Call Ball & Boyd for a free consultation now.

When should I hire a Public Adjuster?

The sooner the better. As soon as someone knows or thinks they have a loss, they should contact us. It is important that the claim remains as organized as possible until it is properly prepared and presented.

Are Public Adjusters in any way affiliated with Insurance Companies?

A public adjuster works exclusively for the policyholder …. not the insurance company.

Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim? Can’t I rely on my insurance company or agent to handle my claim?

In order to be at the point of a settlement, the insurance company would have sent out their own adjuster to assess the damage. The adjuster for the company would come up with his/her own figures first and would make you an offer. What if something was missing?…what if they were not being fair in their assessment of the damage? We deal with many insurance companies and adjusters and the claim goes much smoother if we are involved from the start.
An agent or broker’s expertise lies in securing coverage at the best possible price, they are not adjusters and they represent the company…not you.

Why can’t my Contractor handle my claim?

In the adjustment process, there is only one type of person who is qualified and licensed to handle your claim AND protect your interest – the Public Adjuster. A contractor does not know anything about your insurance policy. They also do not know how to detail the damage the way that’s needed for a proper presentation which would lead to a proper settlement.

How can a Public Adjuster better serve me over an Insurance Company Adjuster?

The staff adjuster and independent claims adjuster both work for the insurance company, while a public adjuster works only for YOU. We have no interest in anything other than the best possible outcome for you. We do this everyday, we’ve being doing this for over 21 years…and we do it well! Thousands of past clients will attest to that.

Why should I pay a Public Adjuster when the company sends an adjuster for free?

The company adjuster is working for and answering to the insurance company. They are not obligated to serve your interests. They have absolutely no concern over whether or not you will recommend them in the future. They do not, will not, and cannot work for you.

Should I wait to see what my company offers before securing representation?

Your claim will go smoother, the end result will be better, and you will waste much less time if we are involved from the start. Ideally, you will call us before anyone else, which will make sure every step you take is the right one. We will direct you to an emergency service company, advise what you can and cannot do, and set the expectations of the insurer properly. We might even save you from the trouble of starting a claim that is not even covered by the policy. We will immediately dispatch a representative to assess your situation under no obligation to you. Remember, we only get paid when you get paid.

Will hiring a Public Adjuster slow the process?

We are extremely efficient in every aspect of the process where we have control. The greatest impediment to a fast settlement is the resistance by the adjuster and/or the insurer to agreeing to a settlement amount that we can recommend to our client. The nature of the business is that adjusters are frequently on the road, and juggling many claims at the same time.

What is the extent of a Public Adjusters' responsibility?

The staff at Ball and Boyd understands the emotional toll an insurance loss can take on a homeowner. They are experienced with the issues commonly faced in the claim process and will work closely with you to minimize the impact on your life, financial or otherwise. We have built our business on the premise that we are out to help the general public.

Can I prepare my own claim better than a Public Adjuster?

Highly unlikely. A home or business owner would not have the experience in how to present a claim in order to get a proper settlement. We are trained and have the experience in preparing, presenting and negotiating settlements. We have thousands of local references that will attest to our successful settlement of their claims. We do this every day. Do you really want to do this on your own for the first time and probably cost yourself thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars?